About me

I got my start in understanding computers when I was trying to piggy back on my neighbor's internet, back when Kali Linux was still called Backtrack. I succeeded... then they moved, and the new neighbors used WPA, which was new at the time. I started getting books on programming, trying to make XNA Framework games, and learned as a 14yo with ADHD does without support or structure: poorly. In my senior year of high school, I finally was confident enough to apply for an internship. I did alright, but I wasn't able to graduate beyond basic tasks. After high school, I got a contract with a local org, and made a coordination tool for them. It was simple, easy to maintain, and it earned me a living for several years, over which I learned more about engineering, began running Facebook communities, and shaped the skills that evolved into my daily investments today.

Today I manage a few large Discord communities as well as help keep the Rust community healthy as part of the Rust Moderation Team. I work on a handful of projects, some to support those communities. I'll talk about those on my blog over time! In addition, I've been polishing my Rust, Elixir, and Infrastructure knowledge and skills. I want to be able to serve as an architect or staff engineer for projects with positive ecosystem, innovation, or ethical implications. I am particularly interested in enabling sustainability of otherwise preventively high-cost or high-effort projects.

I want to hear your ideas and projects too! Reach out over Discord (Khionu#0047) or Twitter (@khiokitteh).