Stepping Down from Rust

It's hard to step down from something you genuinely care for, but sometimes that's the only way to take care of yourself. I'm not a stranger to that choice, but it's never been harder than this time. I'm stepping down from my role on the Rust Moderation Team, and subsequently my role as representing the Moderation team to the Rust Leadership Council.

In light of the last couple years, I want to make it perfectly clear that this is a decision driven by personal matters. I've had an emergency move arise, among other time-consuming issues. While I will be taking months to years away from community and leadership commitments, I hope that I will eventually be able to come back and contribute to growing Rust. I may come back sooner and start doing more technical contributions.

I wish I could have contributed more to Rust's success the short time I was on the Council, but I am still hopeful that Rust will be making progress under the remaining leadership.